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About College

The College is at the forefront of formatting a new paradigm of dual education that combines “Religious” and “Academic” education. It creates holistic development of our students and prepare for them a brighter future. By the generosity of Allah and his messenger Prophet Mohammed (sal) and the approbation of priest.
The College commenced its dual educational programming 1996 by Allama Al-Arifbillah, Ashiqur Rasool Al Haaj BILALISHA ZUHOORI to frame the Islamic Priest (Heir of Prophet Mohammed PBUH) well export in religious and academic education level simultaneously which strive them towards to serve Islamic word.

The College aspires to be among the leading colleges in the State of Tamil Nadu and in its region, renowned and recognized around the globe for offering Islamic comprehensive academic and professional programs of the highest quality, for its distinctive style of learning that engages and prepares students for leadership roles in the society, and for being a major international center of Islamic study and research in the quest to improve human life.


The College is committed to prepare a new generation that is proud of its religion and has a well-rounded understanding of Islamic teachings, a generation that is equipped with the expertise to cultivate Islamic values with in society and to actualize the dream of dual education (Islamic Teachings & Secular Studies) to make the learning community of high caliber faculty and disciplinarian & self sufficient Islamic priests with at most faith and to enable them to spread the Islam on the path of holy Quran & the Sunnah and mold them as volunteer to serve the society.


Our values


The purpose of education is to open the windows of the mind.” Our college is built on the core value that this education plays a key role in enhancing the society and building a better future for everyone. Our core values include.


Ethical and civic responsibility : Our college’s duty to the country by being an active citizen, voting in elections and being involved in the society and community is matched by our commitment to abide by Islamic teachings and universal humanistic ideals.

Academic integrity: We dedicate, even in the face of adversity, to the fundamental values of respect, honesty, fairness, courage, trust and responsibility to preserve the academic integrity of staff, students and society.

Quality: With quality educational experiences, we hope to provide support services to ensure completion of education, successful careers and creation of wonderful humanbeings.

Sportsmanship: By ensuring respect for authority, teammates and opponents, we create an environment that ensures following rules and develops a positive attitude, accountability and self-control. Being a leader and a follower is vital to the journey.

Humanity: Treating someone with kindness and compassion is key. Our college aims to propagate human values through generations and bring true spiritual wisdom to ourselves and to our students.

Corporate Social Responsibility: As a non-profit institution for Islamic studies, we take part in philanthropic causes and implement a set of principles to enhance educational and social values.


Goals and Objectives of Bialia Arabic College

Creating a Muslim personality characterized by a deep understanding of Islamic Shari’a, based on the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah.

Preparing specialists in different branches of Shari’a, such as Qur’an, Sunnah, Islamic Jurisprudence, Doctrine, and Islamic call.

Providing graduates with good academic qualifications to meet the needs of the Islamic world, contemporary Islamic society in the fields of teaching, propagation of the faith, revitalizing tradition and academic research.

Preparing students for graduate studies in various specializations in the field of Shari’a. Cooperating with other colleges and educational institutions locally and internationally.

Preparing Islamic scholars well expert in Islamic teachings & Secular studies simultaneously strive to serve Islamic Society locally and internationally.

Promoting all students' personal, social, academic and career growth proactively prepares and qualifies them to be leaders in their Islamic careers and professions.


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