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At Bilalia Arabic College, The dual education program is targeted with high potential for success in the Islamic world. So the interested students should have the following qualification.


 Well versed in reciting the Glorious Quran.studies.


Completed in E.S.S.L.C (8th std) with at least 50% aggregate marks.


Should have a good knowledge of Islamic religion (Diniyyath) and academic studies.

Rules & Regulations
  • The student’s dress code is white Jubbah and white Pyjama (College uniform) during class hours

  • Attend all the examinations and other training classes without fail.

  • Parents should accept the actions taken by the college management such as penalty, suspension, dismissal with regard to failure in Arabic & Academic studies or disciplinary issues.

  • The students are not allowed to enter or leave the college campus without guardians.

  • The students must rejoin the college after holidays at appropriate time, if any delay, they must accept the action taken by management.

  • Suitable reply & proper response should be given for our letters and phone calls.

  • The visiting of parents or relatives should not affect studies of the students.

  • Visiting the students during class hours is strictly prohibited.

  • The students must Mandatory complete their seven years Moulavi course. If a student leaves the college at the beginning of the year or later during the course, he is liable for punishment with penalty as per rules in force before his transfer certificate & other certificates are issued to him

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