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Founder History


Shaikh Allama Al-Arifbillah, Ashique-E-Rasool, Abul Amzal, Al-Haaj Bilalisha Zuhoori Hazrath Qibla is the spiritual leader of Silsila-E-Bilaliya.

Our Beloved Shaikh in his earlier days worked in a government Library at Chennai and during that period he was blessed with the divine light from the Silsila-E-Nooriya. In 1965, he was blessed and got with Baiath from Allama Al-Arifbilla Shaikh Zuhoori Shah Noori (RA), who is a primary Khalifa of renowned Shaikh Noor-ul-Mashaikh Sayyid Ahamed Muhyudheen NooriShah Jeelani, Hyderabad, the 21st grand son of Ghouse-Al-Azam Shaikh Mohiyudheen Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA).

Our Beloved Shaikh then started to spend his days with his Shaikh’s company and resigned his government job and involved himself fully in the path of Deen. By seeing his spiritual activities and handing over his life entirely to his Shaikh, he was blessed with Khilafath and hence becomes the primary Khalifa of Shaikh Zuhoori Shah Noori (RA) in Tamilnadu, India.

By The Infinite Mercy and Grace of Almighty Allah (SWT) and Dua of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam), our beloved Shaikh has established the BILALIA ARABIC COLLEGE in 1996 at Chennai, Tamilnadu. Through his visionary leadership Bilalia Arabic College was founded combining for the first-time dual education system in the society having both studies of Duniya and Deen and thus leading its students go on to become as Aalim or Ulama (Islamic Scholars) or Imam.

The entire course is provided free of cost to all the students enrolled in BILALIA ARABIC COLLEGE including free boarding and lodging facilities. The successful students are Blessed with the most required Knowledge of Tasawwuf [an Arabic term for the process of realizing ethical and spiritual ideals; meaning literally becoming a Sufi] to lead an exemplary life in the human society.

Our Beloved Shaikh has ‘mureedheens’ (disciples) across the world and has blessed them the ilm of sufism thus making them to lead their human life spiritually in the ‘Aṣ-Ṣirāṭ Al-Mustaqīm’ (The Right Path of the Deen) and obtain attain the Great Blessings of Allah (SWT).

May Almighty Allah (SWT) bless our Shaikh with long life, good health and wealth to continue his Deen-E-Yaad services and thus spread the peaceful message of Islam and The Muhabbath of Rasool Allahi Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam to every corner of the world.


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